Speech Quote
  • 49% of people taking part in our Challenges are non- or occasional cyclists
  • 'After taking part in the Challenge, I realised that cycling was helping with stress relief. I am now riding my bike 3 times a week.' - Non-Cyclist
  • 'Great fun, we all really enjoyed it and hope to take part again. The competitive element was very motivational.' - Occasional Cyclist
  • 'After 25 years of non-cycling I now enjoy riding every day.' - Non-Cyclist
  • 'Did it last year and it had a very positive effect last year on fitness within the organisation.' - Regular Cyclist
  • 43% of occasional cyclists now cycle at least two days a week

A Workplace Cycle Challenge is a proven way to get more people cycling in your organisation or local community.

Create a team, challenge your colleagues and friends, and see who can get the most people to cycle for just 10 minutes...

Tag Swindon Cycle Challenge 2012 York Cycle Challenge

  • 2,609 PEOPLE
  • 84,134 MILES
  • 18,902 KG/CO2
“The Challenge was great - cycling has become a weekly event now… definitely seeing fitness benefits already and enjoying getting out into the countryside to cycle.” - Non-cyclist

Tag Swindon Cycle Challenge 2012 Chichester Cycle Challenge

  • 1,899 PEOPLE
  • 63,771 MILES
  • 12,751 KG/CO2
“The challenge certainly inspired me and as a result I have just purchased a bike! I am currently regaining my confidence on a bike after many years not riding and am finding it's lots of fun!” – Non Cyclist